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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Back

Sorry that I've neglected this blog for so long. The weekly big post was a bit too much with everything else I have going on. So, I've decided to do a daily...or every other day...or once a week...we'll see what happens :) of just one or two items that I find on and find interesting.

I'll start today with my latest acquisition, this beautiful, original collage by British artist, Georgina Ferrans, that now hangs proudly and cheerfully in my office.
Georgina's Etsy
The Phizzychick Etsy shop features the whimsical work of Georgina Ferrans who loves nothing more than dreaming up new creations with a wacky sense of
Also LOVE <3 these Garden Markers from The Fysh Store
And another goodie that I'm really, really wanting but I've declared a moratorium on spending money so I guess I'll just admire this shop's wonderful goods from afar as well. :(
The Jenna Rose textile studio was founded by designer Jenna Fenwick in 2006 and in the spring of 2012 moved from Hamilton, Ontario, to a small farm in the Lanark Highlands in Eastern Ontario. Each piece of cloth is hand screen printed in house using non-toxic waterbased pigments on natural and organic materials. Our colours are all mixed and printed in small runs and each design is initially illustrated by hand. Jenna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from NSCAD University where her focus was screen printing and drawing. This collection is a reflection of her love for these processes and her passion for creating handmade and sustainable textiles.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New treasury (do you recognize these? They are new work from the artists and artisans who have been featured on this blog in the past year....they are all still fabulous!):

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Scaredy Cat

Two Wickedly Funny Witches

I love Halloween! It has always been my favorite holiday to create my folk art wood sculpture for as well. Witches and wicked kitties are just sooooo much fun. So, it is a very good thing that I relaunched my Etsy shop, S. Elkins - Folk Art just in time for the holiday. That's the good news, the bad: I still haven't finished reworking my workshop and studio so the pickings are slim. In fact, two of my spooky and haunting creations have already sold, the Harvest Maiden and the small Scaredy Cat. There are still a few items left including special, made to order witches with sharp and toothy grins....wicked!

Autumn Rust

It's been way too long since I visited this blog and posted. I think perhaps my ambitions with this page were way too ambitious. Putting together an entire group of pages and talking about them is terribly time consuming and I have other business and other blogs that need tending know the ones that I am also passionate about but actually put money in my pocket, too. I know, I know, these days it always comes down to the almighty dollar but unfortunately, especially in this economy, that is a fact of life. So, I've been concentrating on my own work and my own financial crisis for the last few months. But I've been putting together several treasuries in the mean time and three or four this week alone. I have also had my own work included in at least twenty treasuries just this week and I finally had a chance to sit down and really look at them. I found many new artists that I love and one in particular inspired this treasury dedicated to the hues of Fall, Autumn Rust. Can you guess which one it was? It was the first item in this collection, that charming little watercolor fox. I fell in love the minute I saw him and then I started looking back through the treasuries and I found all of these other wonderful artists with work in the warm and delightful hues of Autumn. The Fox Print comes from the shop, Eastwitching, Enchanting Watercolour Animals, and they are indeed enchanting!

Autumn Rust